Question: How Do You Get Past Po Town?

How do you get past Po town in Pokemon ultra moon?

Once in town, crawl through the hole to the left to get past the barricade.

You’ll then need to defeat two grunts.

Heal up now if you’d like (Team Skull will charge you).

You can take on some battles and pick up a Full Restore if you’d like, otherwise keep heading north..

How do you complete Po town in Pokemon sun?

It’s always raining in Po Town, a town that has been entirely taken over and walled off by Team Skull in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It’s accessible from Route 17. First, go right to find a Max Repel, then west to find a crawl space in the hedges to bypass the barricade. A grunt will challenge you for trespassing!

How do you get Guzma in Po town?

To the left is a Totem Sticker, and to the right the way to Guzma, with a final grunt to beat and an Escape Rope to collect. When you’re ready, head in through the window. In that final bedroom you’ll find Guzma, along with the stolen Yungoos and a pile of Buginium Z!

How do you get past the grunt in Po town?

As you enter, two Grunts are holding up a barricade, to stop you getting any further into town – you’ll need to find a way around. Crawl under the hedge to the left, by a dirt track, to get past and battle them on the other side.