Quick Answer: What Is Chandelure Best Moveset?

What is Chandelure good for?

Chandelure is amazing, as he has lots of Special Attack and decent enough other stats, including actually good defenses, as well as a great movepool, good abilities and a typing with enough resistances and immunities to make up for its weaknesses..

Is Chandelure good in Pokemon go?

PVE Overview Chandelure is a fan-favorite from Gen 5, and has been blessed in Pokemon Go with a good moveset. Having superior stats to Gengar minus the Poison-typing makes Chandelure considerably more bulky and overall better, though Gengar is still narrowly better in Ghost-type DPS due to its moveset.

What is Chandelure weakness?


Is Chandelure a legendary?

For more information on this Pokémon’s species, see Chandelure. (Japanese: シャンデラEX Chandela EX) is a Psychic-type Basic Pokémon-EX card. It is part of the Legendary Treasures expansion….Chandelure-EX (Legendary Treasures 77)English expansionLegendary TreasuresJapanese card no.061/0934 more rows

What is Dusknoir weakness?


How rare is Chandelure?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Chandelure is a Ghost and Fire Type Luring Pokémon, which makes it weak against Ghost, Dark, Ground, Rock, Water type moves. You can find and catch Chandelure in Lake of Outrage with a 14% chance to appear during Intense Sun weather.

Is Volcarona a good Pokemon?

Volcarona is one of the deadliest sweepers in the tier because of its access to Quiver Dance, high Special Attack stat, and decent Speed stat. … Volcarona also has a ton of setup opportunities in a tier infested with Steel-types and passive Pokemon such as Tangrowth.

Is Cinccino good for PVP?

Cinccino’s only real use in PVP is as a charm-spammer, but its stats make it far too frail to be effective in this role, especially when other Pokemon can do the same thing far more effectively. Its coverage in its charged moves may give it a tiny niche here or there, but in general it’s just outclassed.

What level does Chandelure learn overheat?

level 69It learns Pain Split at 61, but it also learns Overheat at level 69. So, if you don’t want to wait until lvl 69 to learn a fire attack that does 140 an lowers Sp.

What is the best fire type Pokemon?

The 5 best Fire-type Pokémon in Pokémon GoMega Y Charizard. Image via Nintendo. As far as attackers go, Mega Y Charizard is one of, if not the best pick currently in the game. … Mega X Charizard. Image via Nintendo. … Ho-Oh. Image via Nintendo. … Heatran. Image via Nintendo. … Arcanine. Image via Nintendo.Jan 28, 2021

What is the best nature for Chandelure?

Timid is usually the best nature here because with it, Chandelure can outrun Timid Politoed and Adamant Dragonite.

What is weak to ghost type?


Is Chandelure good in sword and shield?

Chandelure can be a weird pick, since it has the largest number of weaknesses on this list. It takes takes double damage from Water, Ground, Rock, Ghost, and Dark-type moves, but it makes up in pure power. … Chandelure excels in dealing a large amount of damage quickly before the opponent has any chance to react.

What is Chandelure hidden ability?

In Generation 5 , Chandelure has Shadow Tag as its hidden ability.

When should I evolve Lampent?

At what level should I evolve my Lampent into Chandelure? ASAP Chandelures best moves come from tms not levelling so evolve it fast to ensure it has good stats. A Pokémon’s stats aren’t affected by the level at which you evolve it. Evolve it as soon as you get a Dusk Stone.

How do you take Gigantamax?

In order to get the Gigantamax form, players must defeat them in a Max Raid Battle and capture them. These are amongst the most difficult Raid Battles, most appearing with 5 stars. The capture rate of these Pokemon is also meager, most will break out on players’ first attempts.

Is Cinderace better than Charizard?

Cinderace gets STAB from everything due to Limbero, Incineroar is the best in doubles when it has Intimidate, and Charizard with Solar Power hits HARD as a Special Attacker. With this in mind, Cinderace and Incineroar are theoretically better in doubles when they have their HAs.

What is the best ability for Chandelure?

Find out how to breed Chandelure in Pokemon Sword and Shield!…Trick Room Build.Best NatureBest ItemQuiet (Sp.Atk↑ / Speed↓)Focus SashBest AbilityFlash Fire Powers up the Pokémon’s Fire- type moves if it’s hit by one.Best Moveset3 more rows•Mar 8, 2020

Is Golurk a good Pokemon?

Golurk is actually a very good Pokemon despite being in the NeverUsed tier, and has its own niche as being a solid physical Ghost type in the other tiers as well. … But Golurk does not only have a unique typing but good stats as well, especially its Attack stat, sitting comfortably at a base 124.

How much is a Chandelure worth?

Chandelure – Noble Victories 60/101 (Rare)MerchantEditionPriceTCGPlayerUnlimited$6.60TCGPlayerUnlimited$7.49TCGPlayerUnlimited$7.49eBayUnlimited$9.661 more row

What type is Turtonator weak against?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Turtonator is a Fire and Dragon Type Blast Turtle Pokémon, which makes it weak against Ground, Rock, Dragon type moves.